Mechanical unscramblers

Depending on the product to be oriented, these machines come into different types of orientation: alveolar, centrifugal, double disk, etc.

The mechanical GRAVITY feeding system use gravity and the centre of gravity of the products to carry out the sorting.
The modular belt system allows product selection thanks to the variable geometry of the porter.
To increase autonomy, it can be integrated with a hopper.

The main advantage of this system is the high feeding rate it can achieve.

It is mainly used in the beverage industry, but can also be extended to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.


Sistema alimentazione meccanico gravitazionale

Our alveolar feeding system can be adapted to a variety of application areas and is composed of interchangeable sectors with different shapes depending on the product to be sorted, called "alveoli". They allow a variety of product models to be handled on the same feeder and features rapid, adjustment-free format changes.

Il sistema può essere completato con tramogge di carico esterne e nastro di uscita standard o aspirato.

Sistema di alimentazione meccanico alveolare

Our double disk centrifugal feeding systems are compactly sized systems that enable the orientation of medium-sized, symmetrically shaped and regular components in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries. The selection is carried out by air blowing.

The double disk centrifugal system can be found in a variety of formats, depending on the number of pieces to be processed per minute.

Sistema di alimentazione centrifugo a disco doppio

Our centrifugal feeding system is a compact size system suitable for orienting components from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries. Thanks to centrifugal force, the components are brought to the outside, where they are then conveyed at the outlet to an accumulation system. The machine can be completed with loading hoppers and an output belt.

The machine layout can be configured to meet the performance and production requirements of our customers, it has multiple quick, adjustment-free changeovers and has easily accessible elements for cleaning.

This system is ideal for handling products with axial symmetry and works at high production rates, even above 1000 pcs/min.

The system is also characterised by versatility of assembly and simplicity in its functional mechanics.

alimentazione centrifuga a singolo disco