We produce orientation systems for the full range of products intended for capping injectable liquids in aseptic conditions taking care not to use air blowers in sterile environments.
We are able to build custom-designed solutions depending on the specifics of the component to be oriented and the speed.

Our alveolar feeding system can be adapted to a variety of application areas and is composed of interchangeable sectors with different shapes depending on the product to be sorted, called "alveoli". They allow a variety of product models to be handled on the same feeder and features rapid, adjustment-free format changes.

Il sistema può essere completato con tramogge di carico esterne e nastro di uscita standard o aspirato.

Sistema di alimentazione meccanico alveolare

The ORMEC is a mechanical feeding system designed primarily for bottle feeding. Its versatility and ease of changeover enable it to handle a wide range of products of different sizes. Depending on the production required and the size of the products, we can choose from 4 versions: 1000, 1200, 1600, 2000.

Tra i vantaggi di questo sistema il primo è la possibilità di alti tassi di alimentazione con un elevato numero di prodotti di diverso tipo sullo stesso alimentatore, in particolare prodotti con centro di massa centrale.

Sistema di alimentazione meccanico Ormec

The PRISM is a flexible feeding system equipped with one or more robot and vision system which can process a large number of products on the same machine with no recycling.
The system is equipped with a hopper that doses the products into a rotating disk. A vision system processes the camera images and sends the robot the coordinates to pick up the products to be deposited sorted at the output track.

The system can process up to 120-160 PPM with the insertion of a second robot.

Sistema di alimentazione flessibile Prism

The MULTITRACK feeding system is a vibratory feeding system consisting of hopper, sorting and accumulation parts on a single base. Thanks to its multiple flow paths, high production rates, even exceeding 1000 ppm, can be achieved on a very small footprint.

The MULTITRACK system allows to manage a high variability of shapes and sizes of very different products.

Multitrack vibratory feeding system

Our SNAIL feeding system is a system that can be adapted to a variety of products from different industries by means of containers and template-built linear guides, and has only two format elements: a bowl and a linear guide.

It is possible to configure the layout of the machine to suit customer requirements, from size to material to external finish.

The system features contact elements that can be easily removed for autoclaving and sanitizing and is the right solution for high production demands while ensuring fast changeovers.  

Sistema di alimentazione vibrante snail