MIZAR flexible feeding system


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MIZAR is a flexible feeding system equipped with a belt hopper, vision belt and one or two robots. The products are unloaded on the vision belt equipped with cleats that help to stabilise the products to be picked up by the robot. Depending on the required machine speeds, the module can consist of several robots of different types (delta, anthropomorphic, scara). Possibility of inclusion in Industry 4.0.
Possibilità di inserimento in Industry 4.0.

The main advantage of the system is that it can handle shapes and sizes of even very different products. Furthermore, the format change is very quick because it is done via software from the operator panel.

Set-up possibility for the cosmetics and food and beverages setting-up.

Industrial sector:
Product type:


Orientable components:
Feeding rate:
25 PPM with one robot
Output tracks:
1 or multiple
Product max. dimension:
400 mm
Output position:
Vertical or horizontal axis

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MIZAR flexible feeding system

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