VIBROFLEX TPR flexible feeding system


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The VIBROFLEX TPR is a flexible feeding system equipped with one or more robots, vision system, vibration hopper and "Flexcube" vibrating platform.
The hopper doses the products on the plate and is designed not to overload the vibrating platform, which operates the product handling.
The vision system processes the images captured by the camera and sends the coordinates of the pickable products to the robot. The robot picks up the products and deposits them oriented toward the destination. The station is set up to accommodate different types of robots (anthropomorphic, SCARA, Delta) and from different producers.

The VIBROFLEX TPR is suitable for unconventional products feeding with even special shapes, features ultra-rapid changeover managed by software, and the possibility of using multiple stations to increase production rates.

Industrial sector:
Product type:


Orientable components:
Feeding rate:
30-120 PPM
Output tracks:
1 or multiple
Product max. dimension:
D200 – H350
Output position:
Vertical or horizontal axis

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VIBROFLEX TPR flexible feeding system

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