Flexible feeding system - VEGA


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VEGA is a flexible feeding system composed by two modules: the orientation module and the blister insertion module. The operator loads the products into the hopper and the blister into a magazine. An automatic system will take care of their peeling.. 

Once the products have been selected, they are handled by a robot and placed in the blisters and, thanks to the vision system, quality and conformity checks can also be carried out on the individual products (based on shape, colour, etc.).

Any rejects will be intercepted and automatically separated from the main flow to be checked by the operator.

Possibility to realize VEGA from tray, a dedicated machine for picking and orienting products from trays

Industrial sector:
Product type:


Orientable components:
Feeding rate:
Up to 300 ppm
Output tracks:
1 or multiple
Product max. dimension:
Output position:
Vertical or horizontal axis

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Flexible feeding system - VEGA

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