IGEA Vibratory feeding system


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IGEA takes its name from the Greek divinity Hygìeia, Hygìeia, venerated as the goddess of health, hygiene and cleanliness. The IGEA feeding system was developed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical sector and its need for attention to cleanliness.

The system consists of a circular feeder that performs sorting and a possible linear guide for the accumulation. For greater system autonomy, a loading hopper can be integrated.

It is a rigid system, if the diameter and height change by a few mm, parts of the cup or the whole cup must be replaced.

Industrial sector:
Product type:


Orientable components:
Feeding rate:
40-250 PPM
Output tracks:
Product max. dimension:
D50 – H100
Output position:
Vertical or horizontal axis

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IGEA Vibratory feeding system

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