Flexible feeding system PEGASO


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PEGASO is a robotic feeding system that feeds products from bulk. It is particularly suitable for processing delicately packaged bottles and jars in a variety of materials, excluding glassware.

  • The system consists of a rotating sorting disc, a belt (or vibrating) hopper that doses the products onto the rotating disc, a vision system that detects the products to be picked, and a Scara-type robot that picks up the products and deposits them at the outlet.
  • High efficiency: all products loaded on the sorting disc are brought to the output without recycling with secondary systems.
  • Gentle product handling: the system avoids repeated stresses on the products and their damage. It is therefore particularly suitable for delicate cosmetic packaging.
  • Functional design and compact footprint
  • Format changeover time with zero mechanical parts for similar products
  • Robot gripper format changeover only for different products
  • Optional extras that can be integrated: deposit of products in godet and automatic emptying of products onto the disc.
Industrial sector:
Product type:


Orientable components:
Feeding rate:
Up to 40 pcm
Output tracks:
Product max. dimension:
D 120 – H 200
Output position:
Variable depending on product

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Flexible feeding system PEGASO

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