Flexible feeding systems

Intelligent systems that allow different products to be fed on the same machine for an efficient handling, using robots and vision systems.

The CASSIOPACK is a is a palletizing and depalletizing system.
The operator manually loads the closed boxes: the system is equipped with an automatic roller handling system that transports the products loaded by the operator.
The boxes pass under a vision system and the coordinates are sent to the cartesian axis carry out labeling.
The robot handles the boxes that are on the same side and always unloads them into the same platform.

Sistema di alimentazione flessibile Cassiopack

The VIBROFLEX TPR is a flexible feeding system equipped with one or more robots, vision system, vibration hopper and "Flexcube" vibrating platform.
The hopper doses the products on the plate and is designed not to overload the vibrating platform, which operates the product handling.
The vision system processes the images captured by the camera and sends the coordinates of the pickable products to the robot. The robot picks up the products and deposits them oriented toward the destination. The station is set up to accommodate different types of robots (anthropomorphic, SCARA, Delta) and from different producers.

The VIBROFLEX TPR is suitable for unconventional products feeding with even special shapes, features ultra-rapid changeover managed by software, and the possibility of using multiple stations to increase production rates.

Sistema di alimentazione flessibile Vibroflex TPR

The VIBROFLEX TNR system is a flexible feeding system equipped with a belt hopper, vision belt, and one or more robots. Products are unloaded onto a vision belt equipped with protruding textures that help stabilize the products to be picked up by the robot. Depending on the feeding rates required, the module can be composed of several robots of different types (delta, anthropomorphic, scara).
Possibilità di inserimento in Industry 4.0.

The main advantage of the VIBROFLEX TNR is that it can handle shapes and sizes of very different products. In addition, the changeover is rapid because it is done through software from the operator panel and there is possibility of inclusion in Industry 4.0.

Sistema alimentazione vibrante Vibroflex tnr

The PRISM is a flexible feeding system equipped with one or more robot and vision system which can process a large number of products on the same machine with no recycling.
The system is equipped with a hopper that doses the products into a rotating disk. A vision system processes the camera images and sends the robot the coordinates to pick up the products to be deposited sorted at the output track.

The system can process up to 120-160 PPM with the insertion of a second robot.

Sistema di alimentazione flessibile Prism

VEGA is a flexible feeding system composed by two modules: the orientation module and the blister insertion module. The operator loads the products into the hopper and the blister into a magazine. An automatic system will take care of their peeling.. 

Once the products have been selected, they are handled by a robot and placed in the blisters and, thanks to the vision system, quality and conformity checks can also be carried out on the individual products (based on shape, colour, etc.).

Any rejects will be intercepted and automatically separated from the main flow to be checked by the operator.

Possibility to realize VEGA from tray, a dedicated machine for picking and orienting products from trays

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